Commute Challenge

What is a commute challenge?

 A commute challenge is when you make a conscious decision to be part of the traffic solution by becoming a commute superhero. Just choose an alternative mode of transportation for 30 days

 during the challenge! These modes include, carpool, vanpool, bicycle, walking or using public transit for your commute. If you log 30 days (or more) using alternative commute options, you could earn BIG REWARDS!

Tell me more about the rewards!

We know that getting rewarded is THE BEST! 

Commute superheroes who successfully complete and log (don’t forget to log your trips to be eligible!) 30 days of alternative commutes will earn points towards BIG REWARDS during the commute challenge!

Check it out!


Points Structure:

$5 Reward – 200 points (20 trips / 10 days)

$10 Reward- 300 points (30 trips / 15 days)

$25 Reward - 600 points (60 trips / 30 days)



Don't redeem any points and the top 6 challengers with the most points accumulated at the end of the challenge (July 31, 2019)  will be eligible to win a $500 gift card of their choice.

**Users can only earn 10 points/ trip and a max of 20 points/day.

** NVTA employees and immediate family members  are not eligible for this challenge

Ok, I'm sold! How do I register?

Visit   to register and start logging you alternative commutes. If you are joining with your employer, be sure to search for your employers name in the network dropdown menu during registration! 

Want to make logging trips easier? 

Be sure to get the Commute Tracker App 

For iOS click HERE      For Android click HERE

What is the best alternative commute mode for me?

We want you to be creative, as long as you are not driving alone in a vehicle! If you live more than 10 miles from work, try carpooling or transit. 10 miles or less, consider dusting off that bike! Less than 3 miles, try a nice walk to work! If you are looking for more unique, fun ideas, check out this commute challenge superhero HERE!

Got Questions?

We are here to help!

Email us @

How-to Videos

How do I register?

How to save your commute.

How to log your trips.

DARN! You missed the 2019 Commute challenge...

But drop us a line and let us know you're interested in the next one!!

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