Is there really any benefit to commuting on my bike?

There are  MANY benefits to commuting on your bike:

  • Cycling improves mental well-being. Cycling makes you happy: That's a fact!
  • Cycling builds muscle
  • Cycling burns calories
  • Cycling improves your lung health
  • Cycling cuts heart disease and cancer risk
  • Cycling is low impact
  • Cycling saves time
  • Cycling improves navigational skills
  • Cycling is better for the environment
  • Cycling is fun!

... and the list goes on!

I don't have a bike (or my bike is not the right kind of bike for commuting)

No fear, Bucks for Bikes is here! Get up to $100 towards a new (or replacement) commuter bike. For more details and eligibility requirements for the Bucks for Bikes program click the button below.

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Is my route to work or school really ride-able for me?

If you have concerns about the distance and time it takes to travel on your safest routes, be sure to plan ahead and check google maps. Google gives you the option of choosing between driving, public transit, walking, biking, and much more!

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Bike Commuter Tips

Check out these 10-tips for new bicycle commuters.

Bike commuter tips

What is NVTA doing to improve biking in the Napa Valley?

Visit NVTA's Countywide Bicycle Plan Update page to learn about improvements being made to the bicycling network in the Napa Valley.

Bike PLan Update Page

More Biking Resources

Visit these links to learn more about biking in the Napa Valley:


Napa Valley Vine Trail-for commuting -


Bike Commuter of the Year  -

Visit Napa Valley - 

Napa Bike Coalition - 

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