Are you and Employer with 50 or more Full-time employees?

In 2016, the Legislature adopted Senate Bill 1128 allowing Air District (Bay Area Air Quality Management District, BAAQMD) Regulation 14, Rule 1: Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program (Program) to become a permanent mandatory program. 

The Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program requires all companies/agencies in the Air Districts jurisdiction with 50 or more full-time employees to offer commuter benefits to their employees. These benefits are designed to help reduce congestion and improve air quality in the 9-County Bay Area region.  

To comply with the program requirements, a company/agency must:

  • Register via the Program’s web-based registration system through
  • Designate a Commuter Benefits Coordinator
  • Select a pre-approved commuter benefits option or propose an alternative (more information here)
  • Notify employees of the commuter benefit option selected and how to use the benefit (contact the VCommute team for information on setting up your network:
  • Maintain records to document compliance
  • Complete an annual registration update

If you would like additional information on VCommute programs, or help setting up your commuter benefits program, contact us at

For additional information on commuter benefits program compliance and enforcement, contact Eric Pop with the Air District at: 415-749-5172 or